3 Top Tips For China

Having traveled round this magnificent and underestimated country earlier this year, I would like to share what I believe to me my must do’s if considering to conquer China.

  • Learn Mandarin

Well at least attempt a little! There were times when it was an agonizing struggle trying to communicate, especially in the less touristy towns where it seemed no one seemed to speak English. 

  • Book In Advance

From personal experience I believe that booking in advance is necessary for visiting China. Public transport has to be booked preferably two days before departure. The further in advance you can book the higher the chance of booking a better seat/bed. Booking hotels in advance is a must, which I discovered after arriving in Beijing by Bullet train and was left marching round the city in the freezing cold and drizzle trying to find a room within my price range. Be aware some hotels won’t accept foreigners.

  • Pack Accordingly 

My visit to China occurred at the beginning of spring, but what I hadn’t taken into mind when I was planning my travel’s, was how cold it could be in spring in China. The clothes I packed were suitable for the warmer temperatures of Chengdu and Xian but I was left frozen when venturing further north to the cities of Beijing and Datong.Image                                         Yungang Grottoes in Datong

I believe that by following these 3 tips you can less stressful and more pleasurable trip to such a fascinating and intriguing country.


About charlottejohnson888

Travel enthusiast? Take your first step with me, Charlotte, whilst i research and explore new and exciting destinations. As a young backpacker experienced with travelling on a tight budget I am keen to gather first hand tales and discoveries on the year's hottest and must go countries.
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