Five things to know about Burma


After last week’s landmark decision to allow the BBC to open a bureau in Burma, we explore SouthEast Asia’s Forbidden Land.

Rising from the ashes
In November 2010, Burma stumbled blinking into the light, following 50 years under the rule of one of the world’s harshest military regimes. Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, under house arrest for 16 years, placed a boycott on tourism in 1992, in defiance of the unelected military junta.

Since the boycott was lifted, Burma has marked itself indelibly into the psyche of international travellers. While it’s still no Thailand, the country has matured rapidly into the new southeast Asian hotspot and, three years since being the least-visited country in Asia (excluding North Korea), it’s now the gleaming pinnacle of adventure travel.

But what lessons have been learned? First, tourism needs to be responsible – upon lifting the boycott, Suu Kyi stated that trips to…

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