Must do’s when in Sochi

The Sochi winter Olympics has been recent headline news for the all the wrong reasons. Whether your interested in sports or the ethical issues currently surrounding Russia, there is no way to avoid getting caught up in this controversial discussion. 

If you’ve booked tickets to the Olympics or tempted to visit this most talked about destination, you’re be pleased to know there’s more to Sochi than ski and snow.

Sochi is reviewed as the Russian Rivera, situated next to the Black sea. Sochi is one of the few locations in Russia that experiences subtropical weather, with warm summers and cold winters that could make for the perfect location any time of year.

If a trip to these seaside city is being considered let me tempt you with what are in my opinion are a few top see’s; 

Agura waterfalls. One of the most famous tourists attraction in this city. The falls which are located just outside the city stands at 30 meters high. Situated around the waterfalls are great hiking trails for those adventures travellers. 

Dendrary botanical gardens. The largest subtropical park in Russia containing more than 30 acres of exotic plants. Once inside the garden you can take a cable-car to the top of the hill, looking out over the whole park and the dramatic back drop of the Black sea. 

Lake Ritsa. A fair drive from Sochi and a border crossing will take you to the beautiful and stunning Lake Ritsa. Located in the northern part of Albkhazia and once a major tourist attraction during the Soviet period. Surrounded by mountains and large meadows a trip here will be well deserved.

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Mount Akhun. Day trips can be arranged to visit Mount Akun. Once at the top of the mountain your be left breathless over the panoramic views of the city. When the visibility is clear it may even be possible to spot the Turkish coast. 

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