Budapest, A Must For Citybreaks

Having recently visited Budapest, I am still in owe over the beauty seen in this Eastern European country.

The choice of Hungary as a destination for my long weekend break was unplanned and spontaneous. Knowing little about this landlocked country I was surprised with the pleasantness of the people but also of the accessibility around the city.

When arriving in Budapest by car, the closer you approach the city centre the more you are greeted by large gothic buildings which seem rather spectacular. Within a day or two those buildings you saw at first begin to look ordinary in comparison to that of the Parliament or Buda castle.


One great feature of this beautiful city is how easy it was to get around sightseeing. Although my hotel was situated in southern pest it was surprisingly an easy walk to the centre of Belvaros, the inner city on pest side. It was even easier and quicker to use the metro to get around. Being able to freely explore Budapest by foot was an excellent opportunity for me to see and experience the city at my own leisurely pace.

Another big beauty of the city is the history which seems embedded into every building. Visiting the Buda castle, or hiking the Gellert Hills you can sense the city’s pride towards the development and transformations which have helped to create the characteristic city that is of Budapest today.


My trip to Budapest was my first experience of Eastern Europe and a perfect taster of what was once within the Iron Curtain. Having had such an enjoyable and cultural weekend so close to home has definitely made me think of considering future short breaks to fellow European countries.



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Travel enthusiast? Take your first step with me, Charlotte, whilst i research and explore new and exciting destinations. As a young backpacker experienced with travelling on a tight budget I am keen to gather first hand tales and discoveries on the year's hottest and must go countries.
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  1. I love that bridge. Thanks for sharing.

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