A Day In Prague.

Prague, a charming and striking city situated in the Eastern country of Czech Republic. Although a popular and busy location, Prague feels often overlooked to the more famous and more expensive cities such as Paris. My summer travels around Europe allowed me to visit this fascinating and mesmerising city. A city which I had been planning to visit for quite a while, and a city I am glad to have seen. As a top location on my ‘wish-list’ Prague had high expectations to fill, and fulfil them it did. My overall time exploring was limited to one measly day. One whole day to see all the sights I had dreamt of visiting; the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle and the cobbled lanes of the Old Town.

Old Town Square

If heaven forbid you find yourselves in Prague for a day, do not fear as you are still capable of seeing all the ‘top-sights’ without the feeling of being rushed, this I discovered myself after managing to see all my attractions within 24 hours. This wonderful welcoming city is the perfect size for independent exploration; walking is the easiest and most beneficial mode for sightseeing, allowing you to stumble across quiet side streets and deserted churches.

Old Town Square. If you only have 24 hours in Prague make sure to visit Old Town Square. Located near to the Charles Bridge, the square is a busy focal point with cafes, stalls, entertainers and bars. Whilst visiting the square I took a trip up the Old Town Hall Tower; a lift takes you to the top, giving you a panoramic view of the square but also views over to the Castle and Petrin Park.

Petrin Park.  The Petrin tower located at the top of the park is the main focus point for visiting tourists, at 63.5 meter this steel monument finds itself frequently compared to the Eiffel Tower in France, you can certainly see the resemblance. The Petrin Park is an excellant location in the summer; either relaxing on a bench or grabbing a snack at the small cafe located beside the tower.

Petrin Tower

Prague Castle. Located at the top of the hill overlooking the Vltava River the castle is the current residence of the President of Czech Republic. Within the castle grounds you can find the St Vitus Cathedral, St George’s Basilica, Royal Gardens and much more.  Located at the top of the old castle steps is a Starbucks which offers great views across the city and of the entrance to the castle, an excellent sun trap in the height of summer.

St Nicholas Church. A charge of 70czechk is charged for admission into this church located between the old castle steps and the Charles Bridge. The Church of St. Nicholas is worth a visit if you find yourself passing by. Once in the church you can reach the second floor, allowing a close up view of the dramatic ceiling frescoes, white columns and striking statues. A great location to sit and recoup during a busy day sightseeing.

Charles Bridge. No trip to Prague is complete without a visit to Charles Bridge, the most iconic image of this charming city. The bridge often packed with camera holding tourists is an excellent spot to watch the Vlatava River snaking around the city. To get a good view of the long and bustling bridge head up one of the two towers located on either side of the river. An entrance fee of 90Czechk is charged but the views that are rewarded are worth the admission.

Charles Bridge


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