Travel Highlights Of 2014.

With the New Year well underway, I take a look back at 2014 and the highlights from my year’s travels.

My first trip in 2014 was to the charming city of Budapest in Hungary. Visiting in early March as a budget city break I was left surprised with my overall experience, and nearly a year later I still look back with fond memories. During my stay I visited the Gellert Baths, a new and unfamiliar experience which felt rather daunting at the time. But it was visiting the Fisherman’s Bastion on a grey drizzly afternoon that left the biggest impact on my short trip.

BUDAPEST 2014 101

In June after finishing my first year at university, I took a trip up to Oxford to visit a friend after years of promising to visit. The weather during the majority of my trip was not very good, luckily on my last day the weather changed and I was able to go punting in the sun.


Two years after originally visiting Bali I returned for a two week holiday in June. Returning with my family, my two weeks was divided between Ubud and Jimbaran. Being able to return and introduce my family to the sights I had enjoyed previously was a great experience, especially as I had such a great time there before.

My time spent in Ubud is the highlight of my trip, from the markets to the monkeys, and my evenings spent visiting traditional dance performances, Ubud is a location that I can see myself returning to again in the future.

BALI 2014 201

BALI 2014 088

During my summer holiday I ventured on my first solo trip, a new and rather daunting experience. Unsure how I would cope of my own in an unknown destination I choose to stay close to home for my first outing. My travels involved three days in Venice before flying to Prague for two nights.


Venice was beautiful, an excellent location to discover the highs and the lows of travelling solo. But it was my time in Prague that I enjoyed the most.

Old Town Square

 During my Christmas holiday I visited Vienna for four days, during my trip I made time to go to Bratislava for a day. Vienna was an eye-opening experience. A city full with history and beauty. Days can be spent enjoying the many palaces or strolling round the abundance of art galleries dotted about the city. Yet it was my day spent exploring the quiet cobbled city of Bratislava that I speak most about. The castle, the Blue Church and the Old town, it was like stepping back in time.

Vienna 2014 363

Bratislava 2014 (82)

For me 2014 was a great year of discovery, not just of new locations but also of my ability and courage to travel on my own. I hope to take this new found braveness, and use it to see and experience more amazing sights in 2015.


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Travel enthusiast? Take your first step with me, Charlotte, whilst i research and explore new and exciting destinations. As a young backpacker experienced with travelling on a tight budget I am keen to gather first hand tales and discoveries on the year's hottest and must go countries.
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