I’m Charlotte, a journalism student hoping to pursue a career in the travel industry.

Travel has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Holidays as a child were spent lounging on Greek Islands and snorkelling off the white sandy beaches of the Spanish Balearics, yet it was after commencing my two year break from education that I was bitten by the ‘travel bug’.

26th March 2012- Arrived in Indonesia from a damp and drizzly England, about to begin my 5 month trip round South-East Asia feeling anxious and unprepared. After a few shaky weeks of missing home and re-adjusting to the changing climate, I soon slipped into the comfortable and attractive routine of a backpacker. The five months were soon over and not long after returning home I began to miss the carefree lifestyle that took me across Thailand and through Cambodia.

Deciding to defer my university place and seek out a full time job, I drastically saved for another long trip. This time I decided to explore China and Malaysia along with Laos and Vietnam which were scrapped from my previous trip. Once again my travels felt like they were over far too quickly. After a few months I was back and broke, deciding it was now time to begin university.

As a student I have more aspirations than I do pennies, much of my time is spent saving and planning the best way to explore on a tight budget. Destinations are now chosen on their value for money and their safety record for the solo female traveller. Having said that I do occasionally like to splurge, in December 2013 I spent 4 days Northern Lights hunting in Iceland, and in July 2014 I splashed out on a 3 day break to Venice.

Travel for me has become much more than a new beach destination. Travel has allowed me to gain confidence and put myself in unknown situations, pushing myself and obtaining insight into the world around me. Friends have either work commitments or no money, forcing me to try travelling solo, an act I never imagined possible yet came surprisingly easy. This new act of braveness has opened up many opportunities for me, such as to explore my growing list of desirable locations but also to immerse myself in the many colourful cities and cultures.

This blog is my opportunity to connect with likeminded people and share experiences gained. By sharing first hand tales it gives people the chance to gain insight and prepare for future voyages. There have been times when certain information could have enlarged my overall experience and I hope that this blog can help to shape the memories.


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  1. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Details at: http://ddominikwicklesromance.wordpress.com/

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